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WordPress Hosting, choosing the best is essential in the huge world of website construction. A dependable hosting provider is essential to the functionality and accessibility of your website. Because of its ease of use and adaptability, WordPress is a popular option among the many website-building platforms available.

Understanding Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting offers an enticing entry point for those looking to establish their online presence without the burden of upfront costs. It can be a great place to start for small business websites, personal blogs, and more. But before you jump in, you need be aware of its limitations and disadvantages.

Of course, the ability to save money is one of the biggest advantages of free web hosting. It’s an affordable option for people with limited funds. Furthermore, a lot of free hosting companies come with website builders, which let users quickly design and publish their websites.

Nonetheless, free web hosting comes with certain limitations. These hosting services are known for their slower loading speeds and limited bandwidth, which can adversely affect your website’s performance. Also, free hosting often comes with mandatory ads or branding on your site, which may not be suitable for businesses or individuals seeking a professional image.

When thinking about free web hosting, picking a reputable company is essential. In order to make sure you get the most out of your website without compromising quality, this post will introduce you to the best free hosting providers accessible.

Top Free Web Hosting Providers

Before delving into the specifics of free WordPress hosting, let’s get to know some of the top players in the field. These providers offer an array of features, including storage, bandwidth, and website builders:

1. Free Hostinger Hosting: A popular choice for free hosting with generous features.

2. WordPress.com: Offers free hosting with a user-friendly interface and numerous themes.

3. InfinityFree: Known for its unlimited storage and bandwidth.

4. CloudAccess: Ideal for hosting Joomla and WordPress sites for free.

5. AwardSpace: Provides both free and paid hosting solutions with ample storage.

6. AccuWeb Hosting: Offers reliable free hosting with cPanel support.

7. x10hosting: Known for its advanced features and reliability.

8. WPNode: Specializes in free WordPress hosting.

9. ByetHost: Offers free hosting with no ads.

10. 100WebSpace: Features both free and paid hosting plans.

11. Freehostia: Known for its excellent customer support and user-friendly control panel.

12. FreeHosting: Offers free hosting with ample storage space.

13. GoogieHost: A free hosting provider with easy setup for beginners.

14. FreeHostingNoAds: As the name suggests, it provides ad-free hosting.

15. HostAwesome: Specializes in hosting WordPress websites for free.

16. ProFreeHost: Specializes in hosting WordPress websites for free.


Best Free WordPress Hosting Options

wordpress hosting

While all of the hosting services mentioned above providers offer free hosting options, not all of them are specifically optimized for WordPress. Here’s a closer look at the best free WordPress hosting services and what they have to offer:

1. Free Hostinger Hosting

Free Hostinger wordpress hosting

Website: 1

Storage: 300MB

Bandwidth: 3GB

The free hosting plan offered by Hostinger is a great option for people and small businesses who want to get online without having to pay for anything up front. It provides 300MB of storage and 3GB of bandwidth, which is more than enough to run a modest website or a personal blog. Moreover, Hostinger offers a one-click WordPress installer to simplify the setup and administration of your WordPress website.

2. WordPress.com


Website: 1

Storage: 1 GB

Bandwidth: – – –

WordPress.com is a user-friendly platform that’s perfect for hosting your WordPress site. It offers a variety of themes and plugins, allowing beginners to create and customize their websites with ease. While the storage and bandwidth provided can vary depending on the plan you choose, the free plan is an excellent starting point for bloggers and small website owners.

3. InfinityFree

Screenshot 52 15+ Best Free WordPress Hosting options for you

Website: 1

Storage: 5GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

SSL Certificates: Free

DNS Service: Free

Subdomain Names: Free

One notable feature of InfinityFree is its ample unlimited bandwidth and storage offer. If you want to grow your website over time, this hosting company is a great option. It offers the flexibility required for personal blogs, small enterprises, and more, with no restrictions on resources.

4. CloudAccess


Website: 1

Storage: 500 MB

Bandwidth: – – –

CloudAccess is an expert in providing free hosting for WordPress and Joomla websites. It provides plenty of resources and a simple setup process for your WordPress website. Depending on the exact plan you select, the storage and bandwidth offered may change, making it a flexible choice for a range of website requirements.

5. AwardSpace


Website: 1

Storage: 1GB

Bandwidth: 5GB

AwardSpace provides paid and free hosting options. Enough space for a small website or blog is provided by the 1GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth included in the free plan. AwardSpace is a convenient option for WordPress users because it allows one-click WordPress installation.

6. AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting

Website: 1

Storage: 2GB

Bandwidth: 30GB

With the help of AccuWeb Hosting’s dependable free hosting and cPanel support, users can easily manage their WordPress websites. The particular amount of storage and bandwidth offered may change depending on the plan you choose. Because of its well-known user-friendly features, AccuWeb Hosting is appropriate for both novice and seasoned users.

7. x10hosting


Website: 1

Storage: – – –

Bandwidth: – – –

Hosting company x10hosting is well-known for its cutting-edge features, which include MySQL databases, PHP support, and FTP access. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for users who have some technical expertise. Depending on the exact plan you select, different storage and bandwidth options are available.

8. WPNode


Website: 1

Storage: – – –

Bandwidth: – – –

A hosting company that specializes in WordPress websites is called WPNode. With its easy-to-use interface and one-click WordPress installation, it provides free hosting. Because the storage and bandwidth are dependent on the particular plan you choose, it’s a customized option for WordPress users.

9. ByetHost


Website: 1

Storage: 1GB

Bandwidth: – – –

ByetHost is a good option for people who want a tidy, business-like website because it provides free hosting without any advertisements. This hosting option offers sufficient resources for a variety of website types, including blogs and small businesses, with 5GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

10. 100WebSpace


Website: 1

Storage: 100MB

Bandwidth: 3GB

100WebSpace offers both free and paid hosting plans. The free plan includes 100MB of storage and 3GB of bandwidth, making it ideal for those starting with a small website. It also features a website builder to help users get started quickly.

11. Freehostia


Website: 5

Storage: 250MB

Bandwidth: 6GB

Freehostia is known for its excellent customer support and user-friendly control panel. It provides 250MB of storage and 6GB of bandwidth for free users. This hosting option is suitable for personal blogs and small websites.

12. FreeHosting


Website: 1

Storage: 10GB

Bandwidth: Unmetered

FreeHosting provides plenty of storage space along with free hosting. The plan that you select will determine the exact storage and bandwidth that are offered. It facilitates one-click script installations, which simplify website setup for users.

13. GoogieHost


Website: 1

Storage: 1GB

Bandwidth: 100GB

SSL Certificate: Free

Business Email: Free

Protection: Cloudflare

GoogieHost is a user-friendly hosting provider that offers free hosting with easy setup, particularly suitable for beginners. With 1GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, it provides enough resources for personal blogs and small websites.

14. FreeHostingNoAds


Website: 1

Storage: 1GB

Bandwidth: 5GB

As the name suggests, FreeHostingNoAds provides ad-free hosting. It offers 250MB of storage and 6GB of bandwidth for free users. This hosting option is suitable for those who want a clean, professional website without advertisements.

15. HostAwesome


Website: 1

Storage: 100 MB

Bandwidth: 2000MB

Free WordPress website hosting is HostAwesome’s area of expertise. Because it provides 2000MB of bandwidth and 100MB of storage, it is appropriate for small WordPress websites. This hosting company prioritizes usability and simplicity.

16. Profreehost


Website: 3

Storage: 5GB

Bandwidth: unlimited

Profreehost is one of best hosting for WordPress website because it provides upto 3 websites, unlimited of bandwidth and 5GB of storage, it is appropriate for small WordPress websites. This hosting company prioritizes usability and simplicity.

These free WordPress hosting choices each have special features and abilities that make them appropriate for different website types and user preferences. When selecting the ideal hosting company for your project, it’s critical to take your unique website requirements and objectives into account.


Comparison of Free Web Hosting Services

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare these free hosting options based on various factors:

Storage Space:

  • Free Hostinger Hosting: 2GB
  • WordPress.com: Variable
  • InfinityFree: Unlimited
  • CloudAccess: Variable
  • AwardSpace: 1GB
  • AccuWeb Hosting: Variable
  • x10hosting: Variable
  • WPNode: Variable
  • ByetHost: 5GB
  • 100WebSpace: 100MB
  • Freehostia: 250MB
  • FreeHosting: Variable
  • GoogieHost: 1GB
  • FreeHostingNoAds: 250MB
  • HostAwesome: 1GB
  • ProFreeHost


  • Free Hostinger Hosting: 100GB
  • WordPress.com: Variable
  • InfinityFree: Unlimited
  • CloudAccess: Variable
  • AwardSpace: 5GB
  • AccuWeb Hosting: Variable
  • x10hosting: Variable
  • WPNode: Variable
  • ByetHost: Unlimited
  • 100WebSpace: 3GB
  • Freehostia: 6GB
  • FreeHosting: Variable
  • GoogieHost: 100GB
  • FreeHostingNoAds: 6GB
  • HostAwesome: 50GB
  • ProFreeHost: Unlimited

WordPress Support:

– All the hosting providers

 Listed offers WordPress support to varying degrees. Some specialize in WordPress hosting.

Free Web Hosting vs. Paid Web Hosting

While free hosting has its advantages, it’s important to consider whether it’s the right choice for your website. Here’s a brief comparison of free web hosting and paid web hosting:

Free Web Hosting:


– No upfront costs.

– Ideal for personal blogs and small websites.

– Quick and easy setup.

– Often includes website builders.


– Limited resources (storage, bandwidth).

– Slower loading speeds.

– May include mandatory ads.

– Limited customer support.


– Faster loading speeds.

– More storage and bandwidth.

– Better customer support.

– No ads or branding.

– Enhanced security features.


– Involves a monthly or annual cost.

The decision between free and paid hosting should be based on your website’s specific needs and your long-term goals.

Tips for Choosing the Right Free Hosting Service

When selecting a free hosting service, consider the following factors:

1. Reliability: Choose a hosting company with a solid uptime and performance history.

2. Security: To safeguard your website and data, make sure the hosting provider has security features.

3. Scalability: As your website gets bigger, see if the hosting company enables simple upgrades to paid plans.

4. Customer service: When you run into problems, having quick and friendly customer service can be quite helpful.

5. User Reviews and Suggestions: To make an informed decision, read user reviews and look for suggestions.


Choosing the right hosting service is a critical decision that can significantly impact your website’s success. In this article, we’ve introduced you to the best free WordPress hosting options, helping you navigate the world of free web hosting. While free hosting can be a great starting point, remember to assess your website’s specific needs and long-term goals before making a decision. Whether you opt for free hosting or decide to invest in a paid plan, the key is to ensure your website is in capable hands.

We encourage you to explore the recommended free WordPress hosting providers we’ve discussed and embark on your online journey with confidence. Your website’s success starts with a reliable hosting service that meets your unique needs.

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