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They say travel makes you a better person. Well that’s absolutely true. But it also makes you patient when you are traveling with a newborn. You don’t need a roller coaster in life once you have a child because every day is new and exciting. Well most of you may be scared to plan travel especially international if you have a new born but I do not like to miss out on anything in life. Because time and tide waits for none. So last year, I travelled across the west world with my 8 months old daughter and covered Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. And here I would like to help those parents who are planning to travel and looking for clues to make travel simple and easy with their little bundle of joy. I was as scared as any parents would be for my daughter’s food, schedule, habits, mood etc etc since it was her first long travel of 10 days in a different continent but I was prepared. So here is a list of to dos for making any trip smooth and happy.

  1. Make a check list of baby items: First things first. Planning well done is half task done. I prepared a check list of all items to be taken for baby – regular or emergency and I ensured I ticked it all before I left the house. Europe specific list is annexed at the end of this article.
  2. Carry Pram/stroller: With a new born, carrying pram is a must. It comes handy at airports and while you are travelling on the streets of Europe. For me pram was a blessing. Because it used to carry our small hand bags and water bottles as well. Just ensure its a small pram and not a bulky one. Else it will become a pain.
  3. Baby Food: To ensure my baby diet doesn’t get impacted much, I carrier Gerber food purees and it was really a saviour. Sweet potato, carrot, banana, apricot, blueberry, etc purees were available and it used to be my daughter’s breakfast or lunch as required. They were easy to carry and one small box was enough for her small tummy. They carried no preservatives and were tasty too.
  4. Enough formula milk : Well my baby is mostly on FM and less on BFeed so I carried 2 full boxes for 10 days. But still it went short and I had to buy from Paris. But if nothing works, formula milk always helps. My baby is well accustomed to it after 6 months so I preferred giving her that whenever she was cranky , hungry or dint want to eat purees.
  5. Bottle cleaner: Do not forget this at any cost. Since you can’t carry bulky sterilisers, carry bottle cleaner brush and soap is a must. I carried it in a small bottle and would clean it every night properly since whole day I would be travelling and would be able to clean only with water.
  6. Acquainted toys : I carried my baby’s doll and a ball with which she plays most of the times at home since it really helped her feel at home. Yes they say travel light but it’s easier said than done when it comes to travelling with a new born sincs you always keep your child happiness on top.
  7. Plastic sheet for bed: At night I preffered my baby to sleep diaper free. So I placed a small plastic sheet so that hotel beddings are protected.
  8. Ask for a baby chair and crib: Every hotel in the counties I travelled provided baby chair at breakfast and crib in the room for baby to sleep peacefully. Sometimes they give only when asked. But do not hesitate to ask since it makes life really easy. And you and your spouse and can have your time as well 😍.
  9. Bassinet seat in flight: Tell your travel agent to take bassinet seat for you.its usually a front seat with space for putting baby bassinet. Since travel is long it is must for a new born to sleep. The more they sleep, the less cranky they would be.
  10. On the go bag: If you are planning a Europe trip with your infant , be ready for a lot of walk. And it is possible that you might be cleaning her shushu potty anywhere anytime. But a ready bag which contains following items will make your day easy and you will worry less and enjoy more. A typical day in Europe for us would start at 10am and end by 10pm. I prepared. Y on the go bag every night and it helped
    1. 5 diapers
    2. Wet wipes
    3. 2 dresses
    4. Boiled and cooled water
    5. Chewing snacks since my baby was teething
    6. Formula milk
    7. Cereal
    8. Food purees
    9. Spoon and a bowl
    10. Handkerchief
    11. Bib
    12. 2 bottles
    13. Wrapping sheet

Well I hope this article helps you plan. My daughter was very supportive and we all really enjoyed traveling with her. She would smile at strangers and make friends. Yes there were times when she got troubled and cried but we dint panic since it would add to her worries. A child understands everything. So I would talk to her and explain her where are we going and how a day looks like. So last tip is just don’t panic. It will be ok. Our trip ended beautifully and we all really enjoyed. Happy travelling. Hope this article helps you prepare better.

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