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Well raising up a baby is not an easy task. All of us want to see our children happy from the moment we conceive. And for first-time moms, worry comes along the child at the time of delivery. I am a new mom of a 5-month-old baby now and through this article, I wish to jot down a few key essential things which can make your life pretty easier with a new baby.

1. Baby bath tub :

Well it’s the most useful product I got in first 7 days of my kid. They come so handy and giving your baby bath becomes a very easy and a joyful experience. It’s safe and very convenient. I could easily bathe my baby almost every day.

2. Nail cutter :

You may not want your kid to scratch his/her face with their nails. Yes nails grow very fast and need to be cut to avoid any unnecessary pain for the child

3. Nipple Shield:

Well, this one came as Gods blessing to me. All those mothers who are having problems with breastfeeding babies, latching, sore nipple etc , nipple shield is the solution. I started using it from Day 3 and the breastfeeding experience became joyful and fulfilling. Yes it needs to be sterilized and taken care but it ensured I could feed my child so well.

4. Diaper changing sheet :

This one is simple but has to be kept handy since the baby will pee and poo more than you can ever imagine. A small plastic sheet which is quick to dry always helps a lot.

5. Swaddle :

Babies felt safe and protected in the womb and look for similar safety outside. Swaddle using a sheet or buy a swaddle but ensure baby is swaddled well since it ensures good sleep. Good sleep is a must for development of a child’s brain.

I request all new or expecting mothers to stay happy and enjoy toughest yet best phase of their lives

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